App Development

Great user experience, reliability and security are among the deciding success factors for your mobile app. We develop your iOS or Android app efficiently and to the highest quality standards.

Great apps adapt constantly to ever-changing user needs and platform capabilities. By choosing the right architecture for your app, we allow you to quickly react to new requirements and focus on delivering value to your customers.

You have your own development team and need to temporarily increase your capacity? We are happy to lend a hand.

Showcase: TWINT Pairing Library

TWINT Pairing Library

TWINT is the mobile payment solution of the leading Swiss banks.

TWINT uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to perform payments with a smartphone at a point of sale via a beacon. We deliver the mission-critical piece of software for iOS and Android that makes paying at the beacon as reliable and fast as possible.

Our vast experience in iOS and Android development and our knowledge of digital signal processing make us an ideal partner in the dynamic field of mobile payments.

Backend Development

Apps seldom reside in a vacuum, often they require a backend service in the cloud or need to interface with your existing systems. Whatever you need, we've got you fully covered.

We are particularly experienced in the following technologies:

  • Java SE and EE
  • .NET
  • Angular, Typescript
  • Python

We'd love to build a complete solution that works for you.