Embedded Systems

Our solid understanding of distributed systems, security and embedded systems development on a variety of platforms (ARM, AVR and x86) make us an ideal partner for your next Industrial or IoT project.

Some of the areas where we have hands-on experience:

  • Asset tracking using BLE and LoRaWAN networking
  • System integration of sensor hardware on Android-based devices
  • Firmware development for nRF51 and nRF52 chipsets
  • Indoor positioning using Ultra-wideband (UWB)

Showcase: XC-Tracer

XC-Tracer XC Tracer is a variometer for competitive paragliding and hang-gliding which helps pilots find the thermal core by generating lag-free audio feedback. The device can be connected to a Bluetooth Low Energy capable smartphone and supports data synchronization with various flight recording apps.

The new XC Tracer II FLARM has an integrated FLARM transmitter that makes the pilot visible to other aircraft such as airplanes, helicopters and other gliders. Classy Code ported the existing BLE firmware to the latest NRF52 chipset and extended it with a sophisticated firmware update mechanism for easy updates in the field.


  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Nordic NRF52
  • Firmware development in C using Nordic SDK
  • Device Firmware Update (DFU)

> XC-Tracer

Showcase: TWINT Beacon Library and Testbed

Beacon Testbed Beacon Testbed UI

TWINT is the leading mobile payment solution of the Swiss banks. TWINT uses a Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral to perform payments with a smartphone at a point of sale.

We developed an iOS and Android library that makes paying at the beacon as reliable and fast as possible, and is easily integrated by TWINT's app developers.

We also developed an automated testbed that performs functional and stress tests on the beacon hardware and serves as a quality gate for beacon firmware development. The testbed consists of a panel PC connected to the beacon via USB, and an nRF51-based dongle which emulates a smartphone.

Our vast experience in iOS and Android development and our deep knowledge of BLE and nRF5x make us an ideal partner in the dynamic field of mobile payments.

> Collect payments with TWINT
> A Modern Architecture for Testing BLE Devices

Internet of Things

For us the Internet of Things is not something intangible or a buzzword, just a convergence of trends like miniaturization and ubiquitous internet connectivity.

Similar to the cloud being someone else's server, IoT solutions are mostly embedded projects that place high value on connectivity, efficiency and security.

Talk to us, we'd love to see what you're building.